street ( French : transversale pleine ): three number bet / pay out 11:1

Actually the streets are the prototype of a multiple conventional chance. The appearance of the twelve streets can be followed and recorded easily.

The numbers 1 - 36 of the roulette wheel are arranged on the table in twelve streets:

Roulette Systems

On a single zero wheel the zero and the first three numbers 1, 2 and 3 form two irregular streets : 0, 1, 2 and 0, 2, 3 !
On a double zero wheel the zero and the numbers 1 and 2 form an irregular street : 0, 1, 2 and also the double zero and the numbers 2 and 3 : 00, 2, 3 .

Each appearance of a street between two other streets is regarded with reference to its classification as a single unit or simply as a single. If a street appears at least twice consecutively, a series is formed.

In a permanence of 1024 spins without consideration of zero/double zero, the appearance of the 12 streets is as follows:

The following table shows the law of appearance of series of streets
(left column: appearance / right column: number of spins):

The law of third is also valid with the appearance of the twelve streets:

Normally on average two streets will appear twice within 12 spins. With the 14th spin the first threefold appearance is due. After 14 spins still 4 streets are open and it will appear on average the 8th street. In accordance with the poisson distribution 23 spins are required until one street appears four times, but this one is formed from one of the 3 streets which have appeared 3 times before. The last open street appears on average after the 31st spin.

The statements made above apply also to twelve wheel sectors of three numbers each.

The following table shows the frequency of the appearance of the twelve regular streets in respect of the spin run:

The above statistics can be used to develop systems for street-, line-, dozens/columns-, wheel sector- and even money bets.

In this explanation of the law of the appearance of the streets we have assumed zero/doublezero as not existent because they do not interrupt the formation of the figures of the streets. If zero/doublezero do appear, the loss must be accepted and the bet has to be repeated.

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