Researching Roulette since 1976.

Based on information found by the two great French roulette scientists
Marigny de Grilleau and Henry Chateau,
and based on own projects, COSMO-RESEARCH has developed and tested roulette systems specifically for even money, twelve number and six number bets, either for flat betting or in combination with progressions.

Presently the CHRONOS 10,
the CLIXX 3, and the CONQUEST roulette strategies
by COSMO-RESEARCH are available.

Roulette is a game of independent trials. There is no secret connection between one spin of the wheel and the next one. There is no secret in a roulette wheel! A roulette wheel simply is one of the few real random number generators in existence. Even M.I.T. is not able to reproduce this generator with their super-computers. They can get near it, however, they have yet to do it! This wheel, made of wood and metal, and a ivory ball operated by a human being, produces a beautiful harmony, hidden in the statistics of spins.
Roulette is pure and plain statistics! Period!
It has absolutely nothing to do with luck! It has more to do with knowledge, patience, endurance, the right strategy and the right balance between your bankroll and win / loss limits.

A roulette table, be it American or French, in an EUROPEAN casino
nets about Euro 1,500 per day. This is an average value.
Sometimes a table is down for a couple of days, sometimes for weeks.
Sometimes the house is down for days or weeks, because there are big winners on the take.
The other way around: you will be on the win a couple of days at a stretch, and then
again you will be losing for some days or sessions.
If you are the one who is looking for systems winning every session, every day
you choose to be at a table, this website, win-maxx.com, is not for you!
There simply is no system winning every session or day!

If you have the patience, the stamina, the moxie to pull a system through, to stick
to the rules, then this is your site ! We provide the means to win at roulette!!

Besides our roulette strategies and and anlalysed spins, COSMO-RESEARCH will provide free basic roulette information covering statistics, genuine analized roulette spins,
free roulette strategies, free betting progressions and more for your convenience!

You can beat the wheel! Just go and try it!

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