C H R O N O S   10

with Horst-Guenter Feder
The new even money roulette-system.


is for players looking for a fast, safe and simple winning roulette system.
is a strategy even money chances.
To become more familiar with statistics, distribution and appearance of the even money chances goto our


- ideal spins: all spins of a roulette spin run not counting in zero or doublezero appearances
- real spins: all spins
- rotation: 36 ideal spins

The maximum length of a CHRONOS 10 session is ''1 rotation'' or 36 consecutive ideal spins of the wheel.
Ideal meaning not to count in Zero/Doublezero spins. So a session might be as long as 40 or more spins,
depending on the number of Zeroes or Doublezeroes appearing.
Any session is terminated after 36 ideal spins, regardless of the balance, be it positive or negative!
The objective of CHRONOS 10 is not to win a certain number of units per session.
The objective is to find with this kind of continous game winning streaks,
during which the ''up-as-you-win'' maxxpro-progression really leads to remarkable gains.
These gains are impossible to reach with a negative or up-as-you-lose progression

1. win-loss sequence
+ + + - + + +
3 wins, 1 loss and 3 wins
results for
flat betting: 5 units
D'Alembert progression: 6 units
maxxpro: 8 units

2. win-loss sequence
+ + - + + + - + +
2 wins, 1 loss, 3 wins, 1 loss and 2 wins
flat 5 units
D'Alembert 6 units
maxxpro 10 units

3. win-loss sequence
+ + + + + + + +
8 wins
flat 8 units
D'Alembert 8 units
maxxpro 19 units

4. win-loss sequence
+ + - + - + + + + - + - + + + + - + + + - + + +
flat 12 units
D'Alembert 12 units
maxxpro 41 units

By dividing the permanency into "3-spin-grids", we have found a very elastic betselection,
which covers almost every tendency and every rythm of the spinrun.

The CHRONOS 10 betselection is combined with the powerful maxxpro-progression to assure maximum gains
when encountering a winning streak, and to minimize losses during a losing streak.

Furthermore the system is applied on two parallel tracks:
The primary or sustainer track and the secondary track.
The primary track always plays the complete session, the secondary track stops
after 10 wins or 24 spins, whichever comes first.
It is this secondary track that finds and utilizes the real winning streaks ! The maxxpro-progression is staged. On the primary track it stops at stage 4, the secondary track goes
all the way to stage 8 with a maximum betsize of 55 units to max out the winning streaks !

The following graph shows the development of the system from August 01. to August 31.2010
at Table No. 3, Spielbank Wiesbaden, Germany. The green line represents the combined results of both tracks, the pink line shows the primary track results
and the blue line the secondary track results. Only during the first 2 sessions is a light downswing of 12 units before maxxpro realy cuts in and encounters
the first winning streaks. After the peaks are downward movements which are natural because
the progression loses some big wagers before it is reset to a lower stage.
However these downswing are not from your bankroll. It is house money.
Also there are a lot of sideway movements, not losing much, not winning much.
That is why there is the primary track. Its development is slower, but it ensures a steady growth.
At the end of August 2010 we hit a real long winning streak: the 28. started at +71 units and after 36 spins
during the 29. and the 30. of August we reached a maximum of +780 units !

Very strict and precise stoprules protect the bankroll.

Both, the betselection and the progression are usable at BACCARAT. Below are the hard statistics after extensive live tests at the GERMAN casino Spielbank Wiesbaden.
All our test-sessions start with the first spin of the day, all permanencies used for
testing are verifiable at the official website of Spielbank Wiesbaden (see MENU on the left).

FACT : Session length: 36 ideal-spins.
FACT : Average number of bets per session: 32.
FACT : Average betsize: 4 units.
FACT : Average net gain per session: 18 units.
FACT : Average net gain per spin: 0.57 units.
FACT : Average net gain per bet: 0.575 units.
FACT : Overall net gain percentage: 15%.

The CHRONOS 10 betselection is valid for both the European and the American wheel,
even with the different wheel layouts. The layout of the wheel has absolutely
no effect on the appearance of the even money chances or any other chance, with the
exception that there is one more number on the American wheel, the Doublezero.

C H R O N O S    1 0
  • Optimized for short sessions
  • Clear and simple rules, no ifs, whens or buts
  • Easy to record
  • Clear and easy spreadsheet
  • Session bankroll 25 units, Lifetime bankroll 75 units

CHRONOS 10 is the excellent choice for the real pro player!
  1. exact explanation of the betselection and progression
  2. demonstration sessions with spin by spin explanation of the system
  3. stoprules
  4. easy to use spreadsheet
  5. 31 Original Demo-Sessions from August 2010 covering every aspect of the system

THE C H R O N O S  10
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