A positive progression for all even money chances.



"Up-as-you-win" or "positive" progressions belong to the kind
called "unlosable-progressions" !

This however does not mean a positive progression wins all the time.
A progression is not a system in itself. It is simply a form of
money-management. It can only be successful with a good betselection.
If you have a betselection that wins half of all bets, the positive progression
will be successful.

Raising a bet after a win does not carry the risk that your bankroll is suddenly lost by that raise i.e. by very high bets or by reaching the table maximum.

Here the large bets are achieved not with your own money, instead after winning a couple of bets, the raise is done with the banks money.
Only very balanced win-loss sequences might become dangerous, because they slowly nibble at your bankroll.

As we all know, in the long run, win-loss sequences are almost at equilibrium between the even money chances.
However we also know that in the short run the deviation, the "Ecart", dominates.
Only few understand to use this fact for their advantage and thus to obtain large profits.
The problem to play the losing bets with small and the winning bets with large units remains unsolved.

But it is possible to ride the winning streaks with large and the losing streaks with small bets.
Whereas a player using a negative progression hardly will encounter a complete loss
of his bankroll in the first sessions, the player using a positive progression has to make some
investments first befor he meets a real winning streak.
However when he encounters this winnimg streak, he forces the house into the role of a player who uses
a negative progression, namely betting against its own money.
The player however can stop at a favorable moment, which is already a real advantage for him.

Each up-as-you-win progression is to be preferred to negative progressions.
But it is essential to use a progression that reaches higher bets very fast.

MAXXPRO is such a progression.

Even if MAXXPRO calls for a reset due to a failing stage in the run,
it mostly resets with substantial previous gains !

MAXXPRO is usable with all even money games:
    -> Roulette
    -> Baccarat
    -> Black Jack
    -> Craps

Here are some examples of win-loss sequensces showing the results
for flatbetting, the up-as-you-lose DĀlembert progression
and the positive, up-as-you-win MAXXPRO progression:

1. win-loss sequence
+ + + - + + +
3 wins, 1 loss and 3 wins
results for
flat betting: 5 units
D'Alembert progression: 6 units
MAXXPRO: 8 units

2. win-loss sequence
+ + - + + + - + +
2 wins, 1 loss, 3 wins, 1 loss and 2 wins
flat 5 units
D'Alembert 6 units
MAXXPRO 10 units

3. win-loss sequence
+ + + + + + + +
8 wins
flat 8 units
D'Alembert 8 units
MAXXPRO 19 units

4. win-loss sequence
+ + - + - + + + + - + - + + + + - + + + - + + +
flat 12 units
D'Alembert 12 units
MAXXPRO 41 units

MAXXPRO for the real player !
  1. exact explanation of the progression
  2. demonstration sessions with spin by spin explanation
  3. stop- and resetrules

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